Eyebrow Tattoo – See You Later Block Colour

Eyebrow Tattoo – See You Later Block Colour

Forget that obsolete technique of tattooing blockie, flat and unnatural permanent eyebrows. Unlike other techniques that create flat, block-filled designs, Feather Clinic’s eyebrow tattoo technique features individual, angled hairstrokes that mimic your natural hair-growth pattern.  The result? Flawless yet natural-looking eyebrows.

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The outdated form of eyebrow tattooing uses a mechanical gun not dissimilar to what your dodgy Tattoo’d Brisbane inner suburb neighbor had used to do hie tribal tattoo in the 90’s. This method may be suitable for body tattoos, but it’s not appropriate for the delicate features of the face. In contrast, feathering is applied with a delicate hand tool that has multiple sterilised needles which lightly penetrate the skin. Feather Clinic uses natural pigments that stay true to color and can accommodate a range of skin tones and hair colors to ensure a match for each individual. As part of your initial consultation, our specialists will work with you to find the correct colour pigment to complement your skin tones as well as your natural brow colour.

What to expect:

During your consultation, a Feather Clinic technician will firstly examine your face shape, hair tone and skin color. Once you agree on your perfect color and shape, we will redesign your eyebrows with cosmetic pencils and give you an idea of what can be achieved.  Since your features are unique, we will tailor a shape that best suits your face. Once you are happy, we will use the feathering technique to add in the additional lines to your eyebrows, using a combination of long and short individual strokes that subtly mimic the growth of natural hairs.

Your unique design is tailored specifically to you.

Why choose the Feathering Eyebrow tattoo solution?

Reduce daily makeup application time – Whether you’re a busy professional, athlete or a parent juggling family life with your job, permanent eyebrows free up the time you waste applying daily makeup to your eyebrows.

Perfectly shaped, every day – Over shaped your brows in years gone by? Have uneven hair growth? Feather touch brow tattooing can add long lasting, maintenance free shape.

The celebrities choice – Permanent make-up is popular choice with models, actors and entertainers alike. Well-known examples include Katie Price, Angelina Jolie, Rhianna and Gwen Stefani.

Relief for allergies and sensitive skin – If you can’t use certain cosmetics or have particularly sensitive skin, the delicate method of the feathering technique can offer lasting relief.