A Brisbane Feather Touch Eyebrow Journey

A Brisbane Feather Touch Eyebrow Journey

It was by sheer chance that I ended up being a Brisbane Feather Touch Eyebrow expert. I got the procedure done myself before falling down the whimsical rabbit hole of owning my own clinic – here’s my story:

I’ve had an obsession with cosmetics ever since I can remember, spending countless hours in front of the mirror, perfecting the winged liner, the smokey eye, tweezing my brows, sculpting and shaping.

Having gone tweezer-happy to suit the trend during high school I was left with not much eyebrow hair to play with. They just refused to grow. I tried every single growth solution, inexpensive or otherwise, but it seemed I was destined to fill them with various powders, liners, shadows and pencils. I became proficient at making them look really good, but it would take more time than I had in the morning. After years of filling them in, I’d had enough. I did a considerable amount of research and opted for a Feather Touch brow treatment.

After my eyebrow procedure, I could not have been happier. I could go swimming, enjoy exercise, rub my face and still have them stay right where they are. And best of all, I saved an enormous amount of time in the morning.

My brows changed my life and inspired me to take my love of cosmetics and the beauty industry to the next level. Permanent cosmetics proved to be a natural next step. Exhaustive research led me to undertake training with the best in the business, where I completed their intensive training including specialization in Feather Brow Micro Pigmentation. Along with hands on procedures and academic knowledge of colour theory, I also was trained thoroughly in sterilization and anaesthetics, cross contamination and universal precautions.

As I fine-tuned my skills, I found I was excited most by repairing and creating the perfect brow.

I left liners and lips to people who get their kicks from creating the crispest liner or the boldest lip; I’m all about the brows. No other facial feature is quite as significant. By merely changing the shape, we can transform the entire face structure. With the right shape and size, the eyebrow will give you an instant face lift, widen and enlarge your eyes and really emphasize your features. The principal indicator of emotion and expression, the eyebrows can speak volumes. Let me make sure yours are conveying the right message.