Free Treatments for Beauty Bloggers

Free Treatments for Beauty Bloggers

We are excited to offer an exclusive program for our lovely Australian online beauty bloggers. We want you to be able to review the current trends of cosmetic tattoo treatments and report back to your loyal following.

What you get?

You’ll get to partake in one of our Feather Touch eyebrow treatments. We’ll make you look amazing, save you precious time every morning when in front of the mirror applying makeup and, we’ll give you a follow up treatment 4-6 weeks later absolutely free  to touch up any fading and accentuate the brows further.

What we want?

If you decide to partner with Feather clinic for a treatment, we’d like you to commit to shining a beautiful light onto our industry and obviously our own brand and services.

Should you join our program, you will:

  • Give a timely review of our services on your blog with a proof sent to Feather Clinic pre-posting on the www’s.
  • Give a follow up post on our own 4-6 week follow up procedure.
  • Social media interaction. We want to see Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts highlighting our awesome treatment.
  • Back-links and anchor text in your blog posts sending our homepage some sweet link juice love.

We also have some analytical outlines as a per-verification process. We need to ensure that you have sufficient reach to warrant a free treatment. We’ll want to see things like:

  • Your weekly/monthly blog traffic.
  • Your social media reach, and
  • If you are a Youtuber, we’ll want to make sure that you are getting hits on your videos.

We have minimums for these above verification’s. If you don’t have the reach that we are looking for, we will happily negotiate a discount on a cosmetic tattoo treatment rather then a 100% free treatment.

What’s the icing on the cake?

We offer all of our clients $50 per friend/family referral. You, as a blogger could leverage this deal and when your loyal readers book and pay for a treatment, you could be earning unlimited money. Yep that’s right, say 50 of your followers pay for a treatment with Feather Clinic, we’ll send you a $2500 – that’s a whole lot of pineapples ($50 notes)!

To help us keep track of our blogger friends referrals, we’ll set you up with a code to pass onto your followers. We’ll only honour referrals for your readers that use your specific code on payment.

It’s honestly that easy. We want to give you, the bloggers, the power to get professional beauty treatments to write about. It’s a two-way street though and we think the above outlines are pretty fair. worst case, you get a $550 treatment the time that it takes you to post a hundred words. Best case scenario, you could be actually monetizing your blog with our referrals. The revenue stream is possibly even better then perfect eyebrows!!

How to get on board…

Contact us on the bottom of the Feather Clinic home page with your request for blogging partnership. One of our head office staff will contact you with more details and to work through the verification process. We are currently only offering our blogger program treatments in our Brisbane feather touch clinics and the offer is only valid to Australians. Feel free to pay your own way to get to Brisbane if you are interstate, we can help you with accommodation recommendations.